How to Style Hair Half Up

A half up hair updo is a popular choice among many women in all ages. It’s appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. A half up hairstyle can be as sophisticated or as simple as you want it to be. It also suits for a number of hair lengths. Here’s how you can do it.

Simple Version


  • Brush
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • An elastic, clip or scrunchy


  1. Brush your hair thoroughly using a brush to get rid of any tangles.
  2. Part your hair at the center, running from the middle of your forehead to the base of your head. Use a fine-toothed comb to part your hair neatly.
  3. Use the brush to brush up the hair on one side of your head. Gather up the hair until you reach the middle of the back of your head. Keep it there using your fingers.
  4. Brush the other side of your head and gather it up to meet the other.
  5. Use the elastic, clip or scrunchy to tie the two ends together. Straighten and comb the rest of your loose hair again.

Sophisticated Version


  • Fixing Gel
  • Curling iron
  • Fine-toothed comb
  • Variety of clips and elastics


  1. For a more sophisticated look, curl your hair beforehand. They can be small, closely-knitted curls or more flowy and wavy, depending on your tastes. Here’s how to curl your hair.
  2. Once you’ve curled your hair, use your hands to gather up hair from both sides of your head.
  3. You can have the ends of both locks of hair meet at the nape of your neck for a more easy and relaxed look.
  4. You can pin your hair up higher by twisting both locks with a circular motion and fastened with a clip.
  5. To get a lift up top (Audrey Hepburn’s hair in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), tease the roots of your hair and include a little cheat in the form of the Bumpit. The Bumpit will keep your hair in place all night long.

So, girls, if you are really looking for a half up style, hope, this guide helps a lot. Share your thoughts and ideas regarding this style. We appreciate your half up photos. You may post it on our Facebook Page or Twitter as well.

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Watch Live NFL & NCAA Online Free

How to Watch NFL and NCAA Matches Online

NCAA and NFL Madness is at its peak, to make sure you don’t miss even a single match no matter why, now technology has made it possible to watch all NCAA and NFL Live Online without paying even a single buck for streaming services. Recently, some software enthusiasts from a prestigious university has developed a stunning piece of software that will convert your laptop, Mac or PC into a TV through which you would be able to watch NCAA Tournament and NFL matches LIVE online along with thousands other TV channels.

Why to Watch NFL and NCAA 2012 Live Online?

Most of time it’s not possible for many people to watch their favorite basketball or football matches LIVE for various reasons. Some game lovers can’t watch because they are busy at their work, while others can’t watch these games live because their kids or spouse have more control on remote than them. While few miss all these games due to un-availability of cable or satellite at their place.

Best Way to Watch NFL & NCAA Live

But this wonderful technology has made it possible for football and basketball enthusiasts to watch them ONLINE LIVE through their Laptop, PC or MAC without any interruptions. For this purpose you only need an internet connection and a piece of recently developed PC TV Software. You will be on your way to watch all NFL and NCAA matches live from anywhere in the World.

So, if you want to watch NFL or NCAA Matches LIVE online FREE without paying any monthly bills or subscriptions then this software is heaven for you.

A Portable Sawmill Opens Up Woodworking Possibilities

As a serious woodworker, you likely have a wood shop full of numerous woodworking tools. Of course, you have all the basics, from a bandsaw to a lathe. While this equipment may be enough for the most common project you take on, it’s likely that you are ready for some bigger, more advanced woodworking tasks. You may be considering adding a portable sawmill to your collection of tools. This will likely be your largest woodworking purchase, so understanding the different choices and which is best for you is extremely important. You want to be able to get the job done right without breaking the bank.

Buying a portable sawmill is an investment. While it can be hard to justify having one as a hobbyist, it can definitely pay for itself. In fact, many advanced hobbyist are able to build their own homes from wood off their own land with the help of this versatile tool. Buying your model used or refurbished will cut a significant portion off the top of your purchase price, making it one of the best options for people who don’t plan to use it for business purposes. Determine the scope of your project and then make a reasonable budget before beginning to look for a sawmill. Depending on what you select, you may expect to pay as much as $4-5,000. However, if you are using this to build a barn, large outbuilding or home, this can quickly be worked into the budget.

There are several different choices when it comes to buying a portable sawmill. First, you can actually purchase a chainsaw mill. These hook up to a single chainsaw and can usually be operated by one person quite easily. They are also much more affordable than other models. In fact, it’s quite common for hobbyist to build this portable sawmill themselves. You can also find models that work in conjunction with a bandsaw. Of course, completely freestanding models are made by companies such as Cutting Edge, Frick, Lucus and Meadows. These are the most expensive options but often the easiest to use. Most require no electricity, but rather run on a gas powered engine. They can be attached to a trailer and moved between different lumber sources easily.

While you can do most woodworking projects with the basic shop tools, having a portable sawmill can definitely open up more options for you. If you don’t have a large budget, go with a chainsaw mill. For larger projects that require more precise cuts, consider purchasing a freestanding mill. Looking at used models can save you money. Either way, make sure that you understand what you need before making your final choice in order to ensure that you can complete your projects as planned.

Pneumatic Sanders Reviews – Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

A pneumatic sander is a sanding tool that is powered by compressed air, fed through a hose from your ordinary shop compressor. Pneumatic sanders may be one of several different types of sander, including palm sanders, disc sanders, belt sanders and even random orbital sanders. Using regulated air allows you to control the force being fed to the dander, and these tools often include variable speed adjustments that allow the user to fine tune the pressure as it is delivered.

Random Orbit Pneumatic Sanders

Among the most popular brands of random orbit air sanders are the Chicago orbital sanders. Often used for high detail and buffing, these sanders are engineered for high performance sanding, and include variable speed control as well as a locking mechanism to allow using both hands for guiding the sander.

Pneumatic Belt Sanders

The Astro mini pneumatic belt sander is a perfect tool for drywall finishers. It is a unique variation on the pneumatic palm sander, and is ideal for walls, even sanding right up to the corner joints. Other brands worthy of note are the Chicago and Taylor pneumatic belt sanders, both well-reviewed in consumer and professional reviews.

Pneumatic Disc Sanders

Cooper and Dynabrade make some of the most popular disc-type sander tools. Ideal for machine shops, cabinet makers, and general purpose sanding jobs around the home, disc power tools sanders allow the use of many types of sanding pads, from buffer pads to cutting and grinding discs.

About Pneumatic Sanders

While the names of pneumatic sander manufacturers may not be well-known to people accustomed to electrical power tools, Cooper, Chicago, and Dynabrade are well-respected leaders in the pneumatic market, providing a host of air tools, including sanders, impact wrenches and other machining tools to homes and industries all over the world. Built for industrial applications and affordable enough to complement any home workshop, pneumatic tools are gaining in popularity as a low-cost alternative to electrical power tools.

Pneumatic Versus Electric Sanders

Many people report that after using a pneumatic sander it is difficult to go back to traditional electric sanders. They cite a greater control over the tool, due to its light weight and fully adjustable pressure feed. Many pneumatic sanders are also equipped with a vacuum return, removing the dist as it is created, keeping the work surface clean as you sand it.

Ways electrical transformer suppliers can aid in getting proper power transmission

The static machine used to transform power coming from one circuit to the other keeping the frequency similar is called a transformer. As the effective setup does not have any rotating or moving part, the machine is considered static.

Since the advent of electricity in commercial and domestic use in the 1880s, the transformer has been used in the electrical supply system which not only added less size of the machinery but also made it more efficient.

Utilizing transformers for better transmission

The current machinery has been innovated quite a lot. The new machines from the electrical transformer suppliers are used to keep the transmission f electrical energy through the supply cables proper.

It is known that when electricity is transmitted to a long distance, energy is dissipated. From the manufacturing unit to the commercial customers or domestic users, transmission of power consumes much energy on the way. This is why; a very high voltage is maintained in order to make sure that the loss of energy is comparatively less.

The transmission from the sub-stations is of high voltage. Before entering the household or the commercial electrical system, the voltage of the current is brought to the required level with the aid of the transformers. When a higher voltage is necessary, step up transformer is used and vice versa.

Before common use, the voltage is stepped down with the aid of the machines supplied by the electrical transformers suppliers. The same is done when the electrical energy supply enters the commercial grid. Depending on the use of the industry, either step up or step down transformer is used.

Why use a transformer?

  • In order to maintain the proper frequency, transformers can be used to find the right voltage necessary to operate. Keeping the power same, the current and voltage can be fluctuated as per need.
  • A transformer can acts as a transferring device with an impedance property. With its aid, the value of a capacitor can be increased or decreased. The same can be done with an inductor or a resistance installed in an AC circuit.
  • A proper infrastructure availed from the electrical transformers suppliers can also prevent direct current from entering a circuit from the other.
  • The setup of a transformer can be used to isolate two different circuits electrically.
  • Due to the advent of transformers, the power distribution can be done in alternate current, not in direct current. Previously, direct current was used for power transmission which caused a lot of difficulties to do so. In fact, the cost of the infrastructure was too high. Transformers took down the cost to a considerable extent making energy cheaper and safer to use.


Keeping the power same, the voltage of the supply can be altered and the current flow can be managed before entering the grid system. This feature aids in using electrical energy on various grounds. Only the efficient electrical transformers suppliers can provide the proper transformer as per the requirement. By using the impedance feature, the nature of the current can be matched and used safely.

Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Heaters Produce Amazing Results

If you’ve got a cold bathroom and are stretched for space in your bath or powder room, consider the immediate benefits of ceiling mounted bathroom heaters are a great option for you to consider to resolve your heating issue. These units come in a variety of styles and wattages for small spaces.

Some ceiling mounted bathroom heaters are combination units, offering the best bathroom exhaust fan with heater, light and nightlight all in one. These are a smart choice for an interior bathroom without a window since it offers ventilation options even when you don’t need the heater such as in the summer months. Alternative options for ceiling mounted bathroom heaters are the traditional infrared lamps. You have probably seen these in hotel bathrooms. These have the single or dual red or white bulb that throws the heat when turned on. The infrared units may also be found as combination units with a light and an exhaust fan.

Size and Dimension

As with any bathroom heater, square footage needs to be your guide as to the appropriately sized heater you will need. If you choose a heater that is undersized for the dimensions of your bathroom, you will not gain the most optimal heating benefit. Carefully measure your bathroom to determine its overall square footage and then shop for your heater paying careful attention to the heater’s square footage coverage.

Costing for a Ceiling Heater

You may be wondering, how much do ceiling mounted bathroom heaters cost? Are they within my budget? Here’s the best news about this style of heater. They come in just about every size and budget. The simplest heater with a sole infrared heat lamp can cost as low as $45, while more feature-packed ceiling mounted bathroom heaters can run as high as $300. The average price for a combination unit with heater, exhaust fan, light and wall mounted thermostat is in the neighborhood of $125 for the unit itself. Professional installation costs will depend upon your contractor pricing and whether or not there is existing electrical in your ceiling from a pre-existing ceiling mounted lighting fixture.

Styles and Functionality

There are many styles of bathroom heaters on the market today, but ceiling mounted bathroom heaters continue to evolve as the best choice for small spaces. Not only are they up and out of your way in a room where space may be at a premium, but the wall mounted thermostat make them easy to use and regulate the temperature in your bathroom. Safety features also make these a smart choice since you don’t have to worry about electric plugs near your sink area, and if you have little ones, you need not to be concerned with them getting too close to the heat source since it is up high and out of reach.

If you are a homeowner who happens to be comfortable working with electrical installations, then the install should be a snap, particularly if the wiring is already in place from a pre-existing overhead light figure. Check manufacturer instructions carefully for combination units as there may be special requirements for attic or crawl space requirements for the exhaust fan. If you’re not sure you want to tackle this on your own, be safe, and call in a professional. Professional electricians have installed dozens of these units and no the pitfalls to look out for to ensure reliable installation for years of heating enjoyment.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips: Use The Brand To Your Advantage

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has grown to be one of the best online shopping station for may customers these days. The whole world is about to shift shopping online. With the advent of mobile phones and mobile connectivity, buying online is much easier now. For online markers and bloggers, Amazon is the best start to earn affiliate commissions. If you start a niche blog and manage to attract quality subscribers, it is only a matter of time before you start to ear affiliate commissions from your blog.

The most powerful advantage of promoting Amazon products is its world wide reputation. If you promote some offers that is not that popular, then you have to put more effort to let customers decide by it. Not so with Amazon. The moment customers see the logo, they have already decided to buy.

Amazon has improved its affiliate promotion features to website owners. Now, a website owner shouldn’t be bothered on what to promote on a website. Amazon itself will decide which products to feature on the website. As a website owner, you have to only put a set of codes on your website.

Amazon has stores in different countries. People in those countries can buy products through their own currency. This even makes it easier to handle shipping and handling. Amazon now is threatening big stores around the world by taking a huge step in spreading its reach around the world.

Amazon has also taken a smart move when they plan to slice shipping time by using drones to deliver goods to customers. Imagine the future of shopping where you have to order a product and wait for the drone to hover over your home. It is not a far fetched thought, it will soon be implemented by Amazon.

Bullseye plugin targets visitors

If you are a blogger and want to show different offers to customers of different countries, then there is one for you. Commission Bullseye is a wordpress plugin that helps bloggers target customers of different country origin. Websites get visitors from around the world and it is basically hard to show same offer for all the visitors coming to a website. Instead, it will be wise to show ads that match the visitor’s country.

This plugin will use a smart visitor geographical location technology and shows relevant Amazon ad on the blog. By doing this it gives the website owner a better chance of targeting all customers.

If you have a loyal reader base on your blog, it is time to give Amazon affiliate marketing a try. Doesn’t take too much knowledge of technical issues. Just sign up as an Amazon affiliate and get the code to insert in your website HTML. Then install commission bullseye plugin to target wider audience on your blog.

There is a good Commission Bullseye Review you can read more details about the plugin. This helps you decide if you have to buy it or not. Buying such a plugin wouldn’t usually cost much. The average cost for a wordpress plugin is between $10-25.

It is now time to get all the tools on your blog ready to make some Amazon affiliate commissions.

AdWords: How it Really Works

AdWords is an online advertising tool developed and run by Google that allows companies to display their ads on Google’s search results for a fee. They are short advertisements that consist of one 25 character headline and two additional lines of 35 characters each.

AdWords has become Google’s main advertising platform and main source of revenue, accounting for 65 percent of their income in 2016. Considering that over 80 percent of internet searches are performed using Google, research has shown that big companies invest heavily in search traffic. Most companies look to Google for their advertising needs due to their cross platform model.

How does it work for advertisers?

AdWords helps companies connect with new customers searching for products or services similar to theirs. Unlike traditional advertising methods such as television or radio, with AdWords, companies are only charged a fee if users actually click on their ad and visit their website.

This is known as “Cost-per-click” or simply CPC. Using this “Cost-per-click” method, companies can start with a small budget, gage how many new customers they are gaining from their ad, and increase their budget over time. This allows them to control their advertising budget better. Of course, the higher the “Cost-per-click” the higher up on the search results page their ad will be displayed.

There are several match options available to advertisers. The first one, Broad match, shows their ad any time their keyword is searched for by a user, which of course, reaches the most users. This option is a smart way to go as it will even show their ad if the user’s search has misspellings. It will also show synonyms and other variations of the words search for by the user. Another variation of this option is the Broad match modifier, which will show variations of the keywords but not synonyms.

The second option, Negative match, will prevent their ad from showing up on a user’s search results when a keyword or phrase they specify is not included in the keywords searched for by the user. The third option, Phrase match, is shown only when a user’s search phrase or close variations of it match the company’s keyword phrase. Finally, the last option, Exact match, only shows their ad if the user’s keywords match the company’s keyword phrase exactly.

The keywords they use in the ads they show is crucial – when selecting the wording for their ad they need to pay close attention to any competitors’ ads as their competitors’ will be shown right next to theirs. So when choosing their keywords they should really put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

Google offers several tools for companies to manage their ads. For customers having difficulty coming up with keywords that work, they offer a tool called Keyword Planner to help them come up with the appropriate keywords to use in their ads. In addition, customers can run a report to see the keywords users used to arrive at their ad.

How does it work for users?

Any time a user does a search in Google, the keywords they search for are checked against the keywords selected by companies using the AdWords service and the matching results are shown on the top and/or right side of the search results page. Many users, up to 40 percent, don’t even know AdWords are advertisements.

Even though the ads are shaded a different color than the regular search results, many users don’t even know what that means – they don’t even know that the top results listed on the search results page are advertisements. This is good for both Google and the company running the ad – by a user clicking on the first result it generates revenue for Google and gets a potential customer to the company running the ad.

As you can see, AdWords has become one of the biggest online advertising tools, connecting customers with the products and services they are seeking.

Is a Khaki Messenger Bag Better Than a Backpack?

A khaki messenger bag is better than a backpack of any color, no doubts about it. Why do I say this? Well, let’s consider the facts; a backpack is carried on your back, right? What do you do to get at this post1 Is a Khaki Messenger Bag Better than a Backpack?

what’s inside? You have to take it off. What do you do if you want a seat on a bus? You have to take it off. What do you do when you sit at the computer at an internet café? Again, you have to take it off. Are we seeing a pattern here? Now, this wouldn’t be so troublesome if it wasn’t also for the fact of human error… how many times have we forgotten about a cumbersome backpack and left it somewhere – maybe under the table at the café, or worse, on a bus or a train?

Now imagine you’re wearing a khaki best messenger bag… what do you do to get at its contents? You just reach into it as it hangs at your side from the shoulder strap. What if you’re riding a bike? A simple slide of the strap positions it at your back, just like the bicycle courier workers do with theirs. What if you want to take a seat on a bus or at the local burger joint? It’s all good, because you don’t need to take it off to sit down, and in fact you may even forget it’s there due to how comfortably it is worn. This is the type of personal carry-all that you never need to worry about losing or forgetting anywhere.

Personally, here’s why I myself would rather use a khaki messenger bag than any backpack… if I was carrying my laptop computer around with me, or anything that valuable to me, I’d feel a lot safer carrying it at my side while on foot, than having it stowed behind me where anything unseen by me can happen to it. And I’d much rather have it ON me at all times, and carrying it in something comfortably enough worn even while sitting down in a bus – that would be ideal for me. It would always be at my reach, it would always be strapped to me, and I would never have to worry about leaving the bag anywhere or forgetting it someplace – it would always go where I go, no matter where, and comfortably so. Most importantly, it would always come back home with me.

A khaki messenger bag reviews clearly has many advantages over any ordinary backpack, to be sure. This is why they are rapidly replacing backpacks in popularity even by kids in school, college students, and even office workers who tote their careers around with them in the form of electronic gear like laptop computers and such.
The amount of comfort, the portability, easy accessibility, efficiency and more continue to make these personal carry-all cases more and more popular every day.

5 Critical Tasks to Tackle in 2016

It’s February. A full month of the New Year is gone already. How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Have you stuck with them?

Getting off track is so easy, despite our best intentions. But it’s not too late to make a change in 2016. Instead of (or in addition to) committing to the usual things like losing weight and saving money, commit to tackling a few big tasks that have likely languished on your to-do list for years. These tasks are so easy to procrastinate on and yet so important. So I propose to you that you make these 5 items your real resolutions for 2016.

1. Get a will

A survey by Rocket Lawyer found that 71% of Millennials (aged 18-34) and 42% of Baby Boomers (aged 55-64) don’t have a will. That’s a lot.

Like other things on this list, a will is something you don’t need at all and then you really, really need it; there’s no substitute. Without a will, the government determines what happens to your estate and assets when you die.

If you’re young and have no assets at all, there may be no urgency to get a will. But if you have assets (a house, some investments) and especially if you have kids, get one. A will not only lets you determine how you want your assets distributed, it also lets you name a guardian for your children below the age of majority (usually 18).

2. And get a living will

You may never have assets. You may never have dependents to leave assets to. But you will certainly die.

It can be hard to face that fact, but it makes it no less true. That’s why it’s a good reason to get a living will, also called an advance healthcare directive or advance directive. This document records your wishes for end-of-life care and can be used if you fall into a coma or are otherwise unable to speak for yourself when you’re very sick or close to death. Your loved ones will know whether you want to use breathing devices and feeding tubes to keep yourself alive, whether you want to donate organs or tissues, what kind of pain relief you want, and more.

Like a last will, a living will is a document you get less for yourself than for your loved ones. Having it can make their lives easier because they don’t have to try and guess what you would have wanted (and possibly disagree on it).

3. Make a plan to regularly back up your data

Let’s say your computer died – like, really died, gone, can’t-be-fixed died – right now. Would you be okay? Do you have all that vital information stored somewhere else, so that retrieving it would be a matter of simply finding it?

If you’re like most people, the answer is no. Despite all the easy and cost-effective solutions for backing up the data on our computers, the majority of people don’t do it regularly. A 2015 survey by Backblaze found that just 17% of people backup their data daily or weekly, another 58% just monthly or yearly, and a full 25% had never backed up their data at all. Are you one of them?

Your computer probably has lots of priceless photos on it that you could never get back if they were lost as well as music files, videos and movies, documents, and costly programs that would be a pain to replace. Since your computer could crash without warning, taking your data with it, it’s crucial to make a plan to back up your data regularly.

You can buy external hard drives and back up just the files you use regularly or create a bootable clone of your existing computer so that if it dies, you can create a replica on another computer. You don’t even need fancy software to do it; search “free backup software” online and you can find lots of reliable programs. All you need to pay for is the hardware.

If that’s all too complicated, go super simple and back up in the cloud. Backup services like Carbonite and CrashPlan offer plans starting at just $5/month to back up your data and you don’t have to be a techie to use it; it works in the background, making sure your data is stored safely in the cloud.

4. Make an emergency plan

You never know when an emergency could hit. Your home and family could be devastated by an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, fire, or mudslide tomorrow. But since terrible disasters always seem like something that happen to other people, it’s easy to put off emergency preparedness. Make this the year you finally put your emergency plan together.

Visit to get information on making an emergency plan for your family.

5. Pack an emergency kit

Keep a larger emergency kit packed and ready to go plus a smaller one in your car. These are things you want to have ready at the drop of a hat in case disaster strikes.

emergency kit

Some items to include in your kit:

First aid kit and first aid manual

Flashlight and batteries (or battery-less flashlight)


Radio to get emergency broadcasts

Utility knife

Emergency blanket

Extra clothing


Iodine tablets or similar for purifying water

Food that lasts a long time

Waterproof matches

Adjust the number of items depending on how many members you have in your family and don’t forget your pets’ needs, too.

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