Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Heaters Produce Amazing Results

If  you’ve got a cold bathroom and are stretched for space in your bath or powder room, consider the immediate benefits of ceiling mounted bathroom heaters are a great option for you to consider to resolve your heating issue. These units come in a variety of styles and wattages for small spaces.

Some ceiling mounted bathroom heaters are combination units, offering the best bathroom exhaust fan with heater, light and nightlight all in one. These are a smart choice for an interior bathroom without a window since it offers ventilation options even when you don’t need the heater such as in the summer months. Alternative options for ceiling mounted bathroom heaters are the traditional infrared lamps. You have probably seen these in hotel bathrooms. These have the single or dual red or white bulb that throws the heat when turned on. The infrared units may also be found as combination units with a light and an exhaust fan.

As with any bathroom heater, square footage needs to be your guide as to the appropriate sized heater you will need. If you choose a heater that is undersized for the dimensions of your bathroom, you will not gain the most optimal heating benefit. Carefully measure your bathroom to determine its overall square footage and then shop for your heater paying carefully attention to the heater’s square footage coverage.

You may be wondering, how much do ceiling mounted bathroom heaters cost ? Are they within my budget? Here’s the best news about this style of heater. They come in just about every size and budget. The simplest heater with a sole infrared heat lamp can cost as low as $45, while more feature-packed ceiling mounted bathroom heaters can run as high as $300. Average price for a combination unit with heater, exhaust fan, light and wall mounted thermostat is in the neighborhood of $125 for the unit itself. Professional installation costs will depend upon your contractor pricing and whether or not there is existing electrical in your ceiling from a pre-existing ceiling mounted lighting fixture.

There are many styles of bathroom heaters on the market today, but ceiling mounted bathroom heaters continue to evolve as the best choice for small spaces. Not only are they up and out of your way in a room where space may be at a premium, but the wall mounted thermostat make them easy to use and regulate the temperature in your bathroom. Safety features also make these a smart choice since you don’t have to worry about electric plugs near your sink area, and if you have little ones, you need not be concerned with them getting too close to the heat source since it is up high and out of reach.

If you are a homeowner who happens to be comfortable working with electrical installations, then the install should be a snap, particularly if the wiring is already in place from a pre-existing overhead light figure. Check manufacturer instructions carefully for combination units as there may be special requirements for attic or crawl space requirements for the exhaust fan. If you’re not sure you want to tackle this on your own, be safe, and call in a professional. Professional electricians have installed dozens of these units and no the pitfalls to look out for to ensure a reliable installation for years of heating enjoyment.

Ways electrical transformer suppliers can aid in getting proper power transmission

The static machine used to transform power coming from one circuit to the other keeping the frequency similar is called a transformer. As the effective setup does not have any rotating or moving part, the machine is considered static.

Since the advent of electricity in commercial and domestic use in the 1880s, the transformer has been used in the electrical supply system which not only added less size of the machinery but also made it more efficient.

Utilizing transformers for better transmission

The current machinery has been innovated quite a lot. The new machines from the electrical transformer suppliers are used to keep the transmission f electrical energy through the supply cables proper.

It is known that when electricity is transmitted to a long distance, energy is dissipated. From the manufacturing unit to the commercial customers or domestic users, transmission of power consumes much energy on the way. This is why; a very high voltage is maintained in order to make sure that the loss of energy is comparatively less.

The transmission from the sub-stations is of high voltage. Before entering the household or the commercial electrical system, the voltage of the current is brought to the required level with the aid of the transformers. When a higher voltage is necessary, step up transformer is used and vice versa.

Before common use, the voltage is stepped down with the aid of the machines supplied by the electrical transformers suppliers. The same is done when the electrical energy supply enters the commercial grid. Depending on the use of the industry, either step up or step down transformer is used.

Why use a transformer?

  • In order to maintain the proper frequency, transformers can be used to find the right voltage necessary to operate. Keeping the power same, the current and voltage can be fluctuated as per need.
  • A transformer can acts as a transferring device with an impedance property. With its aid, the value of a capacitor can be increased or decreased. The same can be done with an inductor or a resistance installed in an AC circuit.
  • A proper infrastructure availed from the electrical transformers suppliers can also prevent direct current from entering a circuit from the other.
  • The setup of a transformer can be used to isolate two different circuits electrically.
  • Due to the advent of transformers, the power distribution can be done in alternate current, not in direct current. Previously, direct current was used for power transmission which caused a lot of difficulties to do so. In fact, the cost of the infrastructure was too high. Transformers took down the cost to a considerable extent making energy cheaper and safer to use.


Keeping the power same, the voltage of the supply can be altered and the current flow can be managed before entering the grid system. This feature aids in using electrical energy on various grounds. Only the efficient electrical transformers suppliers can provide the proper transformer as per the requirement. By using the impedance feature, the nature of the current can be matched and used safely.

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