Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tips: Use The Brand To Your Advantage

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has grown to be one of the best online shopping station for may customers these days. The whole world is about to shift shopping online. With the advent of mobile phones and mobile connectivity, buying online is much easier now. For online markers and bloggers, Amazon is the best start to earn affiliate commissions. If you start a niche blog and manage to attract quality subscribers, it is only a matter of time before you start to ear affiliate commissions from your blog.

The most powerful advantage of promoting Amazon products is its world wide reputation. If you promote some offers that is not that popular, then you have to put more effort to let customers decide by it. Not so with Amazon. The moment customers see the logo, they have already decided to buy.

Amazon has improved its affiliate promotion features to website owners. Now, a website owner shouldn’t be bothered on what to promote on a website. Amazon itself will decide which products to feature on the website. As a website owner, you have to only put a set of codes on your website.

Amazon has stores in different countries. People in those countries can buy products through their own currency. This even makes it easier to handle shipping and handling. Amazon now is threatening big stores around the world by taking a huge step in spreading its reach around the world.

Amazon has also taken a smart move when they plan to slice shipping time by using drones to deliver goods to customers. Imagine the future of shopping where you have to order a product and wait for the drone to hover over your home. It is not a far fetched thought, it will soon be implemented by Amazon.

Bullseye plugin targets visitors

If you are a blogger and want to show different offers to customers of different countries, then there is one for you. Commission Bullseye is a wordpress plugin that helps bloggers target customers of different country origin. Websites get visitors from around the world and it is basically hard to show same offer for all the visitors coming to a website. Instead, it will be wise to show ads that match the visitor’s country.

This plugin will use a smart visitor geographical location technology and shows relevant Amazon ad on the blog. By doing this it gives the website owner a better chance of targeting all customers.

If you have a loyal reader base on your blog, it is time to give Amazon affiliate marketing a try. Doesn’t take too much knowledge of technical issues. Just sign up as an Amazon affiliate and get the code to insert in your website HTML. Then install commission bullseye plugin to target wider audience on your blog.

There is a good Commission Bullseye Review you can read more details about the plugin. This helps you decide if you have to buy it or not. Buying such a plugin wouldn’t usually cost much. The average cost for a wordpress plugin is between $10-25.

It is now time to get all the tools on your blog ready to make some Amazon affiliate commissions.

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