What’s the Best Shaving Cream?

So you’re looking for the Best Shaving Cream

Well, finding that special shaving cream is entirely dependent on your shaving style. Are you a super cool wet-shaver, that takes his time and uses a shaving brush to lather? Or… are you the guy that foams his face up with his hands and shaves at the speed of light?


Pretty Legit Shaving Cream

Whichever type of shaver you are, allow me to offer you some assistance in finding an alternative by showing you what to avoid. There are a lot of good creams out there, and I am not sure if shaving soap counts as a cream in context, but it certainly is my favorite way to lather.

Since many creams are really good, it will be easier to share with you what to avoid in a shaving cream. So, without further ado…


Here are my top 3 tips of what to avoid in finding the best shaving cream:

Tip #1. This first tip I recently discovered using the very popular ‘Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap’. The product smells divine and is super slick which is what you want in terms of lubrication. The only problem I have with this product is that it yields a truly awful and useless lather. Shaving lather provides many benefits, but none purposeful than protecting the skin from the blade.

The lather from ‘Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap’ would disappear within seconds once on my face, forcing me to constantly re-lather throughout my shave. Unless, you like the idea of making you shave unnecessarily difficult, I recommend not using a product that dissolves on the face.

Tip #2. Avoid shaving creams with a lot of chemical ingredients. Most brands wants to one-up the other with a more superior product, but many go too far with the ingredients they’ll use to achieve superiority. Many shaving creams and other skin care products in general consist of ingredients well known to cause cancer and reproductive problems.

Do yourself a favor and avoid such products? But, if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “What doesn’t kill me, will make me look awesome!” You’ve been warned!

Tip #3. And for my final tip, avoid shaving creams or any shaving products that promise to magically cure, prevent, or stop shaving related issues. The company’s manufacturing such products are using advertisements to make you dependent on their brands.

Most of these products will merely treat your shaving symptoms, but learning to shave properly will cure the cause of all your shaving issues. Besides, these products aren’t special because any decent shaving cream when used properly, will give your face a smooth, clean, and refreshed feeling. Don’t forget that!

*Side note: Using the world’s most magical shaving cream will not compensate for poor practices. Perfect shaving and you’ll remedy any razor burn, shaving bump, or other shaving related issue that you may experience.

OK, enough lecturing!

You should now understand that “best” is relative. There are several brands that many shaving enthusiast love. The easiest way to find the best shaving cream for yourself, is to try as many as possible, and settle on your favorites. It’s quite fun actually, because you will enjoy many.

Best wishes!

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