Container Gardening Information

Container Gardening Information – Plant Vegetable Landscaping Container

Whether you have a flower bed, landscaping, garden or a starter kit, you probably started out with some kind of container for holding your plants.

Container gardening can be done on the smallest patio, can have a vegetable garden, porch or inside garden can boost a crop of vegetables and flowers while still only in containers.

Container Gardening Supplies

Container gardening supplies come in many shapes and forms, some are purchased at your local home and garden center or they can be various containers found around your house. An old planter box or a mis-matched old coffee mug can be used for instance.

Large Plants in a Small Container

You want to avoid putting large plants in a small container as they will out-grow it far too soon. Small containers are excellent for starting the plants you want to transplant at a later date. Use planters that can handle the capacity of your plant and its roots. The small planters restrict the root area and dry out very quickly. These are a few gardening tips to be aware of.

Cheap plastic pots may deteriorate quickly in UV sunlight and terracotta pots dry out too fast. Glazed ceramic pots are a good choice but need several drainage holes. Wooden containers have a tenancy to rot but redwood and cedar are resistant and can be used without painting or staining. Plants can get damaged by the vapors of treated wood so should be avoided.

When the weather is really hot and you plan on setting your plants out in the sun make sure you use light-colored containers so as not to absorb too much heat. Put your plants out during the morning sun, the afternoon sun will dry out your plants much sooner and you will need to water more often to keep the soil moist.

For your outdoor plants, it is a good idea to set your containers on bricks or blocks to allow for drainage. Hanging baskets should be lined with sphagnum peat moss to keep soil moist and it is best to keep baskets out of the afternoon sun.

Large Plants in a Small Container

Make sure your planting mixture drains rapidly but retains enough water to keep the roots moist. Your own compost will make an excellent potting soil. If you did not make compost improvise with equal parts sand, loamy garden soil and peat moss.

Many gardeners will use “soilless” potting mix, which is most made of peat moss and it is free from diseases and weed seeds. These potting mixes can be purchased from your local nurseries or home and garden centers.


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