Electric Fireplaces and Your Safety

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Electric Fireplaces And Fire Safety

Every year, thousands of house fires destroy home and property and even claim lives. Take steps to prevent fires by making the switch to electric fireplaces.

The Threat of Fire is Real

Each year, thousands of homes, belongings, and even lives are tragically destroyed in preventable house fires. There are many different ways that house fires can be caused, including faulty electrical wiring, natural gas leaks, and unattended open flame like candles and hearths. The vast majority of residential fires in the United States happen during the cold winter months when electricity use is high for holiday lights and heating, and when fireplaces are lit up for warmth and to create holiday ambience. While many homeowners are drawn to the natural flame, many of the thousands of seasonal winter fires are started in wood burning fireplaces. This season, consider using an electric fireplace as a far safer alternative. Electrical fireplaces, like wood burning fireplaces, are practical and provide the same comfort and beauty as an open fire, without the hazardous safety consequences.

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Electrical fireplaces have a number of built-in and added-on safety features to prevent the hazards of serious fire damage. The primary safety advantage of an electrical fireplace mantle is the lack of real flame. A free standing electric fireplace provides great warmth and creates the same ambience as a wood burning fireplace without the associated risks of fire. There is no burning of wood and no gas involved to spur the creation of out-of-control fires. This could be a wall hanged as well .

With the best wall mount electric fireplace, you will not have to worry about exposure to vapors in the case of the natural gas leak. Electrical fireplaces are healthier since they don’t irritate the linings of the lungs like natural wood fireplaces – they do not emit soot or produce particulate ash. This feature makes electrical fireplaces a much healthier option for people who suffer from asthma or allergies that may be triggered by this type of particulate matter.

You Can Lower Your Risk

The safer alternatives do not sacrifice style.

Electrical fireplaces meet strict safety and testing regulations and are approved according to safety standards set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Many models include a built-in thermostat and automatic safety shut-off in the unlikely event that the unit begins to overheat. These built-in safety measures provide you with peace of mind, giving you confidence that you can enjoy an electrical fireplace without fear of electrical fires. Other safety features that come standard on most electrical fireplaces include an outer shell of cool protective safety glass to prevent accidental burns. This feature is crucial for keeping pets and small children safe from accidentally touching the heating element, which might otherwise result in serious burns.


Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for safety. Many electric fireplaces are designed with classic and elegant screens and other decorative features. You can be proud to display a quality electrical fireplace in your home and achieve the cozy winter atmosphere with a far safer heating product. You can have warmth, safety, and beauty without the all of the risks posed by a wood burning fireplace. An electric fireplace provides unmatched quality, safety, utility, and beauty. Consider making the switch from a wood burning fireplace to an electric fireplace heater and prevent your home from becoming one of the many that will go up in flames this winter season.

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