Four Quart Crock Pot

Four Quart Crock Pot Review – Great for Large Families

A four-quart crock pot is an ideal kitchen appliance for the working woman or man with a large family. Women or men who do not work may also need a four-quart slow cooker in order to get all their daily errands done.

Generally, crock pots, which are also known as slow cookers, are less dangerous than stoves or ovens since they operate with a lower temperature and lids which are intact.

Remember, however, that these still contain very hot food and liquid and can become a hazard if children are left unattended to play nearby. There are also elements for heating in each pot and can thus cause the pot ceramic to have hairline cracks or metals to melt or deform a little bit.

If you plan on getting a crock pot for your family, make sure that it is isolated on your kitchen counter where the children are not allowed to play.

Advantages Crock Pot

The advantages of having a crock pot are many. Not only will it feel like someone else is doing your cooking, but you are also able to save a lot of time if you have a crock pot.

What happens is that you put all the ingredients in your crock pot recipe into the pot, close the lid, turn it on and go to work. At the end of your workday, you will have a perfectly warm dish the whole family can enjoy.

If it turns out that you have an unexpected meeting at the end of your workday, you can call your husband or your eldest child to turn it off. There is, however, still not a lot of danger if the pot stays on.

The low cooking temperature does not really increase in heat, unlike stove top cooking. The lid keeps everything within and the condensation process just keeps all the flavors revolving within the pot.

Four-quart crock pot recipes

Some four quart crock pot recipes include Crock Pot Clam Chowder, Broccoli Rice and Chicken, Italian Chicken and Potatoes, Cheesy Crock Pot Chicken and Chicken Cordon Bleu. Your slow cooker is also capable of cooking beans, ground beef, pork or sausage, fish or seafood, soups and stews.

You can select a different dish to cook each night and do your groceries each Sunday according to the ingredients you need for the week.

Final Notes

Having a crock pot is a joy to have in the kitchen and gives you the advantage of having not just more time, but meat that melts in your mouth as well.


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