Best Tech and Non Tech Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

gift ideas for teenage boys

So, what should I get him?

As a teenager, I know how difficult it is to find gifts for other teenagers, especially when they’re of the opposite sex to you. I can’t help you with advice for gifts for girls, but what I do know is what the average teen guy would enjoy. Here are the top 10 gifts you could get a teenage boy. Of course, every guy is different, so you will have to put some thought into it. For example, if you know he hates music, don’t buy him Snow Patrol’s latest CD.

Even though Christmas is long gone, you will still have to buy gifts for the birthdays of many guys in your life, from brothers to boyfriends. And don’t wait too late to find them a gift, start now!

Here is a Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

1. Music

gifts for teenage boys

Music is a great choice. Almost all teenage guys love to listen to a good band. The hard part is picking the music. You have a couple options.

1. Buy a gift card for online stores such as iTunes or Amazon.

2. Buy him a CD of a band you think he may enjoy

3. Buy him a recently released CD of a well known band

4. Ask his mom! (Shocking advice, I know)

Some great bands and artists that many guys like are:

U2, Coldplay, Oe Direction,Snow Patrol, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band, Breaking Benjamin, Maroon 5 and Three Days Grace. Of course, this is a very small list. Also, it really depends on the type of music guys like. Knowing something about the genres he likes is great. If not, and asking his mom doesn’t help, a gift card will suffice.

2. i-List Music Party Game

The iList music game is perhaps one of the funnest games I’ve ever played. Basically, four players plug their mp3 players or iPods (iTouch’s and iPhones don’t seem to work) into the device with the included cables. You then hit the go button on the device and follow the audible instructions. The first player will then draw a card from the top of the deck. The card may read, “A song title that include’s the word ‘phenonenon’ in it.” Players will then race to find a song in their mp3 player that fits those requirements. First player to find and successfully play the song through the device’s speakers, wins that card. You play to a certain number of cards.

The game never gets boring! 60 cards are included, and that’s a lot. I’ve never gotten tired of the cards, but if you do, you could always make your own up, or find some on the internet.

So, you may be asking yourself, this sounds great, but where can I find it?

Below, you can buy the item from for a price of only $0.50 or less!! That definitely is a steal for a great game. When purchasing, remember to buy 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

I have given this gift to both guys, AND girls, and I promise you, they love it.

3. Video Games

video games for teenage

Video games are always a pretty good idea if the guy in mind plays video games. There are several steps in finding out what games he likes, or would play.

1. Find out the gaming console he uses. It may be a computer, PS2/3, Wii, or Xbox 360. Do this by asking his friends or family.

2. Figure out the games he has. Again, ask his family, or pay attention to when he rambles on about games!

3. Figure out the games he enjoys. This is the easy part, as most guys enjoy the same types of video games to a degree. First Person Shooters are usually the best choice, by Real Time Strategy games are also a good choice. Below are some of the best games to get. Remember, recently released games can be a great idea, but he may have pre-ordered or already bought the game.

Don’t worry, however, if you get a game he already has. Offer to exchange the game for a different one if he already has it. He won’t mind at all!

****Portal 2 was just released! It is the most anticipated game ever made. Not only does it feature a multi player game mode, but you can play MP across platforms! PC players can now unite with PS3 and XBOX friends! This is one heck of a game, and you know what I mean if you have ever played Portal 1. Buy Portal 2 now!****

4. Gift Cards

Ah! The easy way out… Or is it? While gift cards may be a great idea, you still need to know which store gift card the guy would appreciate. Here are a couple different options you have.

1. iTunes Gift Card – Always appreciated! Who doesn’t like iTunes gift cards? Especially now that you can convert m4a’s (iTunes files) to mp3’s (normal file types) that will work on any mp3 player. You can’t go wrong unless he doesn’t have a mp3 player or hates music.

2. Target gift cards. Target’s a great place, who doesn’t enjoy shopping there? From music, to sports equipment, to video games, Target has it.

3. Regal Cinemas gift cards. Again, who doesn’t enjoy movies? There is a Regal Cinema movie theater almost everywhere in the United States. Any guy would appreciate one of these.

4. American Express Pre Paid. This is if you’re really stuck, and none of the other three will work. These cards are basically prepaid credit/debit cards, almost like a gift card but for every store. Choose the amount of money in one, and the person can spend it wherever American Express is accepted. Cool huh?

So where can you get such gift cards? Well, below are links to buy them on Amazon. All the options I have presented can be found on Amazon, and within 5 minutes, you can have ordered a gift card to go either to yourself, or directly to your recipient. Quite nifty. You will only have to get out your chair once – to fetch the package outside your door. Shopping online is great, and very efficient and easy.

5. iPod Accessories

“An iPod you say? I have one of those!” Doesn’t everyone? If the guy in mind has an iPod, a cool accessory or gadget for it might be a great gift. From chargers, to FM radio transmitters, to exotic earphones, there is a myriad of accessories out there for iPods, and one that is bound to please your gift recipient. Below are some great accessory ideas.

6. Expensive Electronics

kids gifts

All previous items have been generally affordable, under $30. But many of you will be looking for larger gift ideas, for your son, boyfriend, or special someone. I know this lens is aimed at teenagers, but most of the information is relevant to older guys as well. Some electronics items are also best fit for younger such as smartwatch for kids etc .

Guys love electronics. From Wii’s, to iPod Touches, to Cameras, most guys will dig any electronics you give him as a gift. Obviously, you need to find out if he already has the item, but if not, go ahead and get it. Below are some ideas for electronics.

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