Superfluous Greenhouse Accessories

5 Superfluous Greenhouse Accessories

The greenhouse accessories you should consider depending on how you use your greenhouse and where it is located. For the gardener who loves to garden all year long a greenhouse is a perfect setting for cultivating vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

In a greenhouse the avid gardener can grow almost anything; the only thing is greenhouse accessories are a little different than standard garden accessories.

The main advantage of growing in a greenhouse is the ability to control the environment so you can grow the plants of your choice no matter what the outdoor conditions are like.

The elements that need to be controlled for the best growing conditions are air circulation, ventilation, temperature, moisture, and lighting. Another advantage to the greenhouse is the fact you have more gardening space because you will not be growing in the actual ground but on different levels of the greenhouse.

Some of the greenhouse accessories you may want to consider are thermometers, humidity gauges, plant misting systems, grow light options, potting benches, shelving systems, shades and shelters, and maybe venting and roof openers. These are just a few suggestions but I will only touch on a couple of them.

Top 5 Superfluous Greenhouse Accessories

1. The Potting Bench

Potting Bench

Potting benches are very useful greenhouse accessories that you will probably want to invest in. They most often have one or two shelves for holding supplies such as pots, soil, fertilizer, and tools.

Some potting benches are large or portable on four standard legs and some are portable on two standard legs and two wheels that can be moved around to any part of the greenhouse you need.

Even if you decide on the large potting bench, keeping all your potting supplies in one place can save a lot of time because you know that everything is close at hand.

2. Greenhouse Shelving

Gardening in a greenhouse gives you the ability to use planters, containers, wire mesh, plant shelves, trellises, and poles that will help enlarge your growing space.

You can also use these greenhouse accessories outdoors during warmer months but sometimes the wind has a tendency to blow them over. In the greenhouse they are more protected and can be used on a year round basis.

Another greenhouse accessory is a grow shelf that is actually an aluminum frame that is perfect for seedling trays. Some grow shelves come with UV stabilized plastic covers that can create a greenhouse within a greenhouse for starting new plants or unusual plants that need conditions that are different than the standard.

Plant stands or racks are able to grow several plants in a smaller space such as herbs, peppers, strawberries, and tomatoes. The larger spaces in your greenhouse can be used for the plants that usually take over your garden such as cucumbers, melons, and squash. You can grow berries in containers and beans can use the bean pole or trellis and not have to worry about the wind blowing them over. 

3. Misting Systems

Misting Systems

The moisture in your greenhouse is usually classified as humidity. You do not want the humidity to be too moist or too dry when gardening in a greenhouse. There are excellent greenhouse accessories that manage the humidity.

Measuring the humidity is simple but is also very important. It can be done by using a humidity meter or a sling psychrometer. Controlling the humidity is a little hard because there are so many things to consider. It depends on air circulation, moisture, temperature and ventilation.

Your heating system and/or an evaporative cooler can affect the humidity along with how you water. It will usually take a bit of experimenting to maintain the appropriate humidity level. Automatic misters can maintain the higher humidity that is needed for rooting plants.

Some misters come with timers so they will come on at specific times during the day or with moisture sensors that will start a cooling mist when the moisture in the air falls beneath a certain density.

4. Grow Lights

Grow Lights

The outdoor lighting in a greenhouse can be minimized by using shade cloths or nets. It can also be expanded by using artificial lighting or grow lights. These lights will make it possible so your plants get enough light, even if the sun is not shining outside.

Using the shade cloths or nets will also make sure the sunlight will not dry out your plants. The most common type used in a greenhouse is fluorescent lights, incandescent lamps and high intensity discharge (HID) lights. Light meters are also available that will measure the intensity of light. Lights can be set on a timer, to go on and off automatically. Shading and lighting will also help in the control of the temperature.

5. Heating system

Sometimes it may be necessary to utilize a heating system when the outside temperature is cold and an evaporative cooling system when it is hot. Soil warming devices can be used to prevent frost without heating the entire greenhouse.

When using a heating system it is recommended to use a thermostat for automation. Good air circulation is very important in the greenhouse, without it heat will rise and the cooler air will be at the bottom around the plants.

A forced air system may be what is needed for circulation, or the use of a fan might be less expensive. Ventilation will help maintain the temperature, and to aid circulation.

This can be provided by placing vents in the roof of your greenhouse or through an exhaust fan. Grow lights will increase amount of full spectrum light for your plants, particularly during the winters up north when the days are short.

Final Notes

Gardening in a greenhouse is a new adventure for many gardeners. With the right greenhouse accessories, you will be able to grow almost anything and plant more in less space. The gardening possibilities can be endless.

You will find greenhouse accessories specially designed to fit whatever needs you have and they will help you grow beautiful and tempting plants with minimum effort.


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