Why Men Hate Shaving Though Hi Tech Gadgets Available

When I think of all the men in the world that have no clue what safety razor shaving is…

It’s no wonder why most of us hate shaving. Come on, you know what I am talking about. Gillette and Schick have simply sucked all of the pleasure out of shaving. They have strayed from the righteous path of wet-shaving. All of those gimmicky products in supermarkets and pharmacies have turned the tradition of wet-shaving into a mindlessly unpleasant routine. And an expensive one at that!


So here’s what we see:

Shaving cream…shaving gels… 3 blades…4 blades…and yes, 5 blades. But check this out!  Gillette has made 4 versions of their 5 Bladed monstrosity, advertising each version as having their own significant benefits. Now that’s what I call comedy, because the cost for these blades is laughable. Besides…

Having more than one blade is completely unnecessary

Listen! If a man learns to shave properly, using the right tools and the right process, he will not find much use for all these fancy razors. The use of a shaving brush, a double edge, and a straight blade is not only cool as hell, but it’s the most efficient for removing your beard and is the best option for preventing razor burn, ingrown hairs, shave bumps, and so many other shaving related issues.

I am not the king of wet-shaving I am very skilled at it and have taught many to use these products, but I am a student like you. Once you know how to properly wet-shave, you will feel like an alpha male, and a step above of the pack.


Good Luck

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