Finding Ideas to Blog About

Blogging has changed dramatically since the first ‘weblogs’ were created in the 1990’s. They have gone from journal type entries to detailed ways to share ideas, tips, news or industry information. Blogging is a great way for a business or individual to prove your expertise on a subject or connect with potential customers. Blogging has also become an important aspect to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps business owners expand their website and build links to specific pages with their desired anchor text.

Ideas to Blog About

Jeff Bullas created a great blog post and Infographic called “Blogging Statistics, Facts and Figures in 2012 that goes into great detail about new blogging stats and the direction blogs have taken in the past year.

We all know how important blogging can be but it is easy to get hung up on a new blog topic.

Here are several ways to get new ideas for your next blog post:

See What People Are Searching for Through Keyword Tools

If you take the time to write a blog post, you want to make sure it will interest someone else. If you are hung up on a what to create your next blog post on, turn to your favorite keyword tool and research a topic. Often times you can find a long-tail keyword phrase that will spark your interest and give you plenty to write about. You may be surprised how detailed some searches related to your industry are. Your keyword tool will give you a good subject (maybe even a title) for an area of information searchers are actually looking for and chances are they are not that competitive to rank in the SERPs either.

If you do not have a favorite keyword tool, you can use Google’s free tool: Keyword Tool. Look up your products or services, your location or even competitor’s names. If you get a lot of results, filter the results to reflect the smaller number of searches first. This can be done in the last column by clicking “Local Monthly Searches” twice. Here you will find the long-tail keywords or blog post ideas you are looking for!

Get Inspired by Other Blog Posts

There is nothing wrong with taking the ideas of others and expanding on them for your blog post. Google has a search engine that allows you to just search blog posts. You can find it here: Google Blog Search and search any topic and find related blog posts.

bloging ideas

There are several ways you can use this to your advantage:

1.) If you have an idea for a topic but need more content ideas, search through different posts to collaborate other ideas of different authors into your own. You can take a tip from one author and add it to your other tips.

2.) If you want to write about products or services for a specific area (location), search for those products or services in another area. You can rewrite the article you find and relate it to the area you are targeting.

Example –> search “Hoover vacuum cleaners in Atlanta” find an article called “Best Floor Steam Cleaners in Atlanta: Hoover MaxExtract” and you can call yours “Boston’s Best Floor Steam Cleaner: The Hoover MaxExtract” and write about the product and relate it to your sales area.

3.) You can also use Google’s blog search to find blog posts you disagree with.

4.) If you have no idea what to write on, just enter your industry into the search box and scan through the most recent topics posted. You may know about a new topic but have not thought to think about writing about it.

Using Google Blog Search for Blogging Ideas

Create A List

Another idea for your future blog articles comes from making a list. Lists can be made up of any topic, thought, products or tips really. They are easy for your visitors to scan and gather information quickly. They are also popular to share on social networking sites. When making a list, think about an area of your business “Top 5 ways to ______” – “5 Things to consider about _____” “5 Most popular ________” and so on. It should be easy for you to create a list about something in your business or industry since you are an expert!

Making a list for a blog article allows you to narrow your thoughts down to a specific concentrated area. Once you create your list, all you need to do is elaborate on each item. Make sure to add a link to two for more information (could be to a page on your site or another blog post) about a topic or two in your list to give your readers (or Googlebots) more options to go from your content.

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Geo-target Your Products or Services

Another option to write about is one of your products or services in a specific area. If you target a large city, you may want to write about a neighborhood, suburb or smaller town you offer services or sell products in.

It is important to write about other specific areas your company serves because most of your content on your website most likely deals with the major area you cover. You are missing out on several long-tail keywords that could drive new business to your company. There are so many good reasons to localize your blog. Matt McGee wrote a good article “Why Local Blogging Works” that highlights the reasons you should write local blog articles.

Highlight A Partner or Customer

Responding to a positive action with another positive action is the definition of reciprocity and should be considered when blogging. If you take time to support others, they will be more likely to support you or your business. Yep, that’s right, this can be done through a blog post!

Think about a good experience you have had with another business or strategic business partner and write about it. Showcase their company’s products, staff or services and give your approval and through them a link. Contact that company or individual and let them know about your post. From my experience, they will be thrilled and will help you promote the article too. They will also be likely to help you out down the road whether it be a referral, testimonial or even mention you in their new content (blog article) as well.

You can also take this idea and highlight a customer of yours. Maybe it is a top buyer or a new customer at that. Take time to show appreciation and they will likely do the same for you.

There Isn’t A Wrong Topic!

Blogging should be something a company or individual should do often! The more posts you have the more chances you have to reach out to others, build links and get in front of Googlebots.

If you are stuck on your next blog topic, turn to others for inspiration, use a keyword tool, create a list or highlight others. It’s important to remember there are no wrong blog topics or length.

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