Portable Indoor Mini Greenhouse

Portable Indoor Mini Greenhouse For Small Area

A small greenhouse for indoor use is a great way to add the number of things that can be grown in your home. Using a small greenhouse is good to expand your gardening season by bringing in your garden vegetables or for growing some of the plants that your outdoor temperatures will not allow you to grow.

An indoor greenhouse is a good way to start vegetable garden seedlings. It allows you not only to be able to start your garden when you want but to choose more varieties of peppers or tomatoes that your nursery does not stock.

A windowsill greenhouse is a simple greenhouse box that sits on your windowsill for starting a few seedlings. You want to put it in a window that receives some good sunlight and it is easy to keep it watered. Some of them may come as a garden starter kit which includes the small pots, starting medium and grow lights.

Some gardeners refer to the windowsill greenhouse as a mini greenhouse because of their small size. You can even purchase some that have covers to help maintain moisture levels.

Another style is just a set of shelves equipped with a grow light for each shelf but you will not be able to control the humidity levels or the temperature which can limit you as to what you can grow.

These shelves work quite well if all you really need is some extra lighting. Some small indoor greenhouses are called growing racks. They resemble bookshelves that have a plastic covering that helps keep the temperature and humidity at more consistent levels.

Built-in Lighting

They also come with built-in lighting or grow lights that will supply your plants with the added light they need for growth. They are available with two, three, or four racks for sitting on the floor or to use as a tabletop greenhouse; you can even find some that are corner units which gives you a little more flexibility on where to place it.

You do not need to have a large greenhouse in order to start seedlings or harden-off your transplants in the spring. A patio grow house generally has a fairly small footprint, roughly 36 x 18 inches, so it will fit in any space that receives good sun.

They also provide plenty of growing space on three levels. These greenhouses are equipped with double-walled glazing that captures and holds the heat of the sun and you can place them on your patio or deck where you get the best sun in the spring.

We all know that a regular-sized greenhouse takes up a lot of room but a portable greenhouse allows enough space for an average gardener to get a good start on their spring plants, but is small enough so it can be moved, if necessary, with help.

Greenhouse Styles

Portable greenhouse styles can vary and the best for you all depends on how you want to use it. Some are just a form of a cold frame, which is a box that has a plastic or glass door that is placed over your plants that are already planted into the garden.

These cold frames need to be light enough to be able to lift off once warmer weather arrives. In severe climates you may be able to purchase one that is heated which will give you a head start on the garden.

Interiors of this portable greenhouse can be cooled by opening the door on hot days. They are also low enough to the ground with a small profile so the wind will not be too much of a problem.

Patio Greenhouse for a Small Area

Patio greenhouse gardening has become very popular with urban gardeners and gardeners who do not have very large areas and have a desire to use portable greenhouse structures.

A patio greenhouse is also very handy for those gardeners that do have quite a bit of space because they want the benefit of having portable flower houses and grow racks.

The Benefit of Patio Greenhouse

Some of us literally do not have space, or maybe the finances, for the full-size stand-alone greenhouse so a mini greenhouse or a cold frame is the only option.

The most important asset of using a mini or deck greenhouse is that they are quite compact and portable, and they can be set up just about anywhere in a garden.

Many gardeners prefer to have one on the patio or balcony where the sun is more plentiful. A small patio greenhouse can be moved out of the way if needed or it can be permanent and used to show off some of your finest achievements in growing flowers in winter.

The Suitable Place for Patio Greenhouse

A small patio greenhouse is quite suitable for plant propagation and seed germination and if placed close to the back door of your home you can very easily check the temperature and humidity. Since most of the garden tools and accessories are available in stainless steel you want to care for them correctly.

These greenhouses are very handy for storing all your garden items such as watering cans, gloves, garden trowels, forks and anything else that you use for gardening so you know where they are the next time you need them.

Popular Planting for Mini Greenhouse

Flower Greenhouse

If you do gardening as a hobby you just might enjoy a pop up flower house. These greenhouses are known for how easy it is to assemble and use. They are small, portable and temporary that can be brought out and used year after year.

They actually pop up in the same manner as a tent being assembled, no tools or skills at building are needed. Once the flower house has been opened you can place your potted plants inside and it will provide warmth and protection to the plants.

All that is needed when you are finished with the pop up flower house is to wipe it out with a sponge and store it away for the next year’s usage.

Grow Racks

Grow racks are portable structures that are easy to find and are sold as complete greenhouse kits complete with a greenhouse plastic cover and shelves.

Most of them are a couple of feet in length and a foot or more in width with varying heights. A six foot tall grow rack generally has four shelves that are removable. 2 and 3 shelf varieties are also available.

You can set up a grow rack on a deck or patio that receives a good supply of sun and warmth. The plastic covers are equipped with zippers for easy access or if they need to be replaced. For the patio gardener who lives in excessively hot, sunny areas, shade cloths are recommended and available for grow racks.

Cold Frames

Cold frames are raised beds that have lids. They can be part of your backyard landscape or portable. If you are planning on using a portable cold frame be sure that the bottom is perforated to allow for proper drainage.

A portable gold frame that is going to be on a porch, patio, or deck you will need to place trays underneath to capture the draining water. Permanent cold frames, the same as raised beds, are built on the ground except they are much deeper to furnish room for the growing plants under a hinged lid. Some cold frames are available with domed lids for additional space for plants to grow upward.

Final Notes

if you are using a greenhouse indoors you are going to need some garden supplies. You will need some planting trays for starting your seeds or you can even use some old egg cartons.

Your hand tools should include a trowel, hand rake or small rake, small shovel, scissors, clippers, and small hoe. You also want hand gloves for protecting your hands from scrapes, cuts and injuries.


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