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AdWords: How it Really Works

AdWords is an online advertising tool developed and run by Google that allows companies to display their ads on Google’s search results for a fee. They are short advertisements that consist of one 25 character headline and two additional lines of 35 characters each. AdWords has become Google’s main advertising platform and main source of revenue, […]

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Which is Better: eBay or Amazon?

In the Battle of Online Marketplaces, Which One Wins eBay or Amazon? Back in 2009, The Wall Street Journal compared the major online retailers and declared Amazon the winner, saying they had the best overall shopping experience for consumers. eBay came in second place. The Internet has changed a lot since then, so has the […]

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Best way to download videos from any site

Download Videos From Any Site You Want Which is the best way to download videos from any site you want and watch them on your computer, your mobile device or share with your friends? Over time I met several “methods” (yes methods because, you had to do things in a certain order and to access […]

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