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AdWords: How it Really Works

AdWords is an online advertising tool developed and run by Google that allows companies to display their ads on Google’s search results for a fee. They are short advertisements that consist of one 25 character headline and two additional lines of 35 characters each.

AdWords has become Google’s main advertising platform and main source of revenue, accounting for 65 percent of their income in 2016. Considering that over 80 percent of internet searches are performed using Google, research has shown that big companies invest heavily in search traffic. Most companies look to Google for their advertising needs due to their cross platform model.

How does it work for advertisers?

AdWords helps companies connect with new customers searching for products or services similar to theirs. Unlike traditional advertising methods such as television or radio, with AdWords, companies are only charged a fee if users actually click on their ad and visit their website.

This is known as “Cost-per-click” or simply CPC. Using this “Cost-per-click” method, companies can start with a small budget, gage how many new customers they are gaining from their ad, and increase their budget over time. This allows them to control their advertising budget better. Of course, the higher the “Cost-per-click” the higher up on the search results page their ad will be displayed.

There are several match options available to advertisers. The first one, Broad match, shows their ad any time their keyword is searched for by a user, which of course, reaches the most users. This option is a smart way to go as it will even show their ad if the user’s search has misspellings. It will also show synonyms and other variations of the words search for by the user. Another variation of this option is the Broad match modifier, which will show variations of the keywords but not synonyms.

The second option, Negative match, will prevent their ad from showing up on a user’s search results when a keyword or phrase they specify is not included in the keywords searched for by the user. The third option, Phrase match, is shown only when a user’s search phrase or close variations of it match the company’s keyword phrase. Finally, the last option, Exact match, only shows their ad if the user’s keywords match the company’s keyword phrase exactly.

The keywords they use in the ads they show is crucial – when selecting the wording for their ad they need to pay close attention to any competitors’ ads as their competitors’ will be shown right next to theirs. So when choosing their keywords they should really put themselves in their customers’ shoes.

Google offers several tools for companies to manage their ads. For customers having difficulty coming up with keywords that work, they offer a tool called Keyword Planner to help them come up with the appropriate keywords to use in their ads. In addition, customers can run a report to see the keywords users used to arrive at their ad.

How does it work for users?

Any time a user does a search in Google, the keywords they search for are checked against the keywords selected by companies using the AdWords service and the matching results are shown on the top and/or right side of the search results page. Many users, up to 40 percent, don’t even know AdWords are advertisements.

Even though the ads are shaded a different color than the regular search results, many users don’t even know what that means – they don’t even know that the top results listed on the search results page are advertisements. This is good for both Google and the company running the ad – by a user clicking on the first result it generates revenue for Google and gets a potential customer to the company running the ad.

As you can see, AdWords has become one of the biggest online advertising tools, connecting customers with the products and services they are seeking.

Which is Better: eBay or Amazon?

In the Battle of Online Marketplaces, Which One Wins eBay or Amazon?

Back in 2009, The Wall Street Journal compared the major online retailers and declared Amazon the winner, saying they had the best overall shopping experience for consumers. eBay came in second place.

The Internet has changed a lot since then, so has the balance of power shifted between these major players? Which is better – ebay or Amazon? And if you’re a seller, should you choose one or both to market your product(s)? Learn more about eBay and Amazon below, see what others think, and cast your own vote.

Which is Better: ebay or amazon?

The big guys duke it out online

Asking online shoppers and sellers, “Which is better: amazon or eBay?” is like asking photographers, “Which is better: Canon or Nikon?” It’s likely to result in a long and passionate discussion that probably won’t change the opinion of the die hard fans on both sides. Each company has its pros and cons.

online marketplaces

amazon logos copyright respective owners

Both of these Internet giants started their reign around the same time – Amazon was founded in 1994 and eBay was founded a year later in 1995 – and both have expanded their focus significantly since their launch. eBay initially began as an auction site known as Auction Web. Amazon started as an online bookstore. Now both provide a place for buyers and sellers to find millions of products at prices that many retailers have a hard time matching.

Between the two, Amazon wins the crown for highest revenue. According to Wikipedia, Amazon collected $48.07 billion in revenue in 2011, compared to $11.65 billion for eBay. Amazon also wins when it comes to traffic. In January 2013, Quantcast reported 90 million monthly visitors for Amazon, compared to 47 million for eBay.

But Amazon loses when it comes to net income. The retailer sells and ships millions of products, requiring a huge workforce and relying on incredible volume to generate massive revenue on the slimmest of margins. eBay, on the other hand, acts as a matchmaker between sellers and buyers “connecting buyers and sellers globally” and doesn’t have to maintain inventory or actually sell anything. As a result, eBay has a smaller workforce and a much wider profit margin. In 2011, eBay chalked up 3.229 billion in net income, compared to $631 million in net income for Amazon.

ebay or amazon

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Both make it easy for both big and small retailers to sell through their platform. eBay has been aggressively wooing big names like Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us and Neiman Marcus to their platform, touting the fact that, unlike Amazon, they don’t carry inventory and aren’t in competition with their partners.

For online shoppers, both sites offer buyers the opportunity to find new, used, refurbished, vintage and collectible products offered by sellers around the world. For merchants, both sites offer individuals and companies the chance to find more customers through the massive popularity of the sites. So which one is better?

It depends on what you’re buying or selling. For unique, one-of-a-kind and collectible items, eBay offers the ability to get the best deal or the highest price (depending on whether you’re a buyer or seller) through their auction system. For mass market products, Amazon offers a quicker method for sellers to post items for sale, with no need for every merchant to take their own photos and write their own description.

The bottom line is that both have pros and cons. Which one do you think is better?

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Tell us which you prefer – eBay or Amazon

Which is better: eBay or Amazon?

Best way to download videos from any site

Download Videos From Any Site You Want

download videos Which is the best way to download videos from any site you want and watch them on your computer, your mobile device or share with your friends?

Over time I met several “methods” (yes methods because, you had to do things in a certain order and to access different sites to be able to download embedded video or to download flash video from website), some of them quite strange and difficult to apply. Now, we have software, a lot of software to download videos from any site we like. But how to choose?

It’s hard but not impossible. Here I will show you some of the free software I use, software that cover almost the entire range of video formats and websites on which you can download embedded video files. I don’t say that this are the best software, just the ones I use and I’m happy with.

So, let’s see which are the free software that help me download videos from any site and any time I want.

Download videos from any site with Flv Blaster
Free Flv Blaster

You can use Flv Blaster to download videos from any site you want and not only videos. You can download music too from your favorite sites. You can download embedded video from over 100 web sites such as: Youtube, Megavideo, Google Video,, or

To download flash video from website in Flv format with Flv Blaster you have to make some simple steps:

  • download Flv Blaster to your desktop and run the install wizard
  • when the wizard is done launch the software
  • click the arrow-button in the nav bar and click =>more commands<=
  • add the plugin to your browser by selecting =>ADD<= or double clicking on your browser name
  • on the page with the video you wish to download click the right mouse button and than click =>download with flv blaster<= to start your download
  • make the last three steps anytime you want to download videos from any site.

Download videos from any site with Real Player
Free Real Player

Real Player is another good tool to download videos from any site out there. This is a more complex tool and is best if you want to do more than just download embedded video. It is not just a free YouTube video downloader software, it is also a video file converter free download software.

First time when I used it I was amazed. After installation I discovered a multi-format video player, an one click video download and trim , a video mobile transfer and sharing and an all video converter free download for all of that.
Let me tell you something about “this one click video download”, After installation of the software, one click download function will be integrated in your browser and when you open a page on the web and that page contains an embedded video file, a button will pop up when you hover the embedded video and all you have to do is click that button and download embedded video.

Download videos from any site you want with XviD codec
XviD codec

Maybe you want to download videos from any site you want with your personal software and all you need is a video codec.

XviD codec.

It is a video codec that help you download and watch HD videos online at higher speed. It will give you HQ Video with smaller files, increasing your download speed. It is compatible with other applications, like Windows Media Player, VLC and many others.

Download videos from any site you want and convert them with:
Video file converter free download software

So…you can download videos from any site you want you can get a lot of mp4 videos free download all around the web, but if you have a MP4/MP3 player that only support AMV video playback you may want to use a video file converter. AMV converter is a video file converter free download software.

It supports formats like: Mp3 , .Mp4 , .Mpg , .Flv , .Wav , .Avi , .Ogg , .M4a , .3gp , .iPhone , .Blackberry , .HTC , .Samsung.

It is easy to use, just drop your file into the converter and click convert. There is a free version, so you can download videos from any site you want and convert them with video file converter free download software “AMV converter” for free.

Download videos from any site you want and watch them with:
Media Player Lite or MegaPlayer

So far I have shown how to download videos from any site you want, convert them with video file converter free download software and now is time to watch that video files. What would be better than a free video and audio player. I’ve got two of them here. Let’s see what I’m talking about.

Did I helped you to download videos from any site you wanted?
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