Is a Khaki Messenger Bag Better Than a Backpack?

A khaki messenger bag is better than a backpack of any color, no doubts about it. Why do I say this? Well, let’s consider the facts; a backpack is carried on your back, right? What do you do to get at this post1 Is a Khaki Messenger Bag Better than a Backpack?

what’s inside? You have to take it off. What do you do if you want a seat on a bus? You have to take it off. What do you do when you sit at the computer at an internet café? Again, you have to take it off. Are we seeing a pattern here? Now, this wouldn’t be so troublesome if it wasn’t also for the fact of human error… how many times have we forgotten about a cumbersome backpack and left it somewhere – maybe under the table at the café, or worse, on a bus or a train?

Now imagine you’re wearing a khaki best messenger bag… what do you do to get at its contents? You just reach into it as it hangs at your side from the shoulder strap. What if you’re riding a bike? A simple slide of the strap positions it at your back, just like the bicycle courier workers do with theirs. What if you want to take a seat on a bus or at the local burger joint? It’s all good, because you don’t need to take it off to sit down, and in fact you may even forget it’s there due to how comfortably it is worn. This is the type of personal carry-all that you never need to worry about losing or forgetting anywhere.

Personally, here’s why I myself would rather use a khaki messenger bag than any backpack… if I was carrying my laptop computer around with me, or anything that valuable to me, I’d feel a lot safer carrying it at my side while on foot, than having it stowed behind me where anything unseen by me can happen to it. And I’d much rather have it ON me at all times, and carrying it in something comfortably enough worn even while sitting down in a bus – that would be ideal for me. It would always be at my reach, it would always be strapped to me, and I would never have to worry about leaving the bag anywhere or forgetting it someplace – it would always go where I go, no matter where, and comfortably so. Most importantly, it would always come back home with me.

A khaki messenger bag reviews clearly has many advantages over any ordinary backpack, to be sure. This is why they are rapidly replacing backpacks in popularity even by kids in school, college students, and even office workers who tote their careers around with them in the form of electronic gear like laptop computers and such.
The amount of comfort, the portability, easy accessibility, efficiency and more continue to make these personal carry-all cases more and more popular every day.

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