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Some Awesome Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape design basics begin at the very beginning and that is how you plan on using the space. Some of those landscape design idea recreation areas for you, the family screening devices for windy areas that receive too much sun or things you want to hide the views from the inside of the house you want to improve on or from porches and patios you want to enhance.

Landscape Design

You may be starting from scratch or you want to improve your existing landscape design, either way designing it yourself can be a very rewarding project. The primary consideration regarding your landscape design should be the friends and family who will be using the area.

View of Area

Even though you may want to focus on a particular theme for your garden landscape, the real focus needs to be on the ability to view the area. You also want to plan on the way you want people to walk through the garden and what they walk on to be part of that consideration such as with rubber stepping stones or pea gravel.


Drainage is a very important key feature that very often gets over-looked by the gardener that is new to designing a landscape. If you get it done right no one will even notice but if you get it wrong your plants will die in soggy garden beds, large puddles of water will kill your lovely lawn or you could end up with water in a basement.

Grade of Yard

Landscape Grade of yard

There is nothing wrong with changing the grade of your yard, build a retaining wall or installing a raised bed for your flower garden. This landscape design can help you become a successful creator of a beautiful backyard landscape for everyone to enjoy. 

Screening the view of undesirable objects or the weather such as wind is of major importance in a design process. Once in awhile screening a particular garden area can be more valuable than you think; it can encourage someone to want to view what is around the corner.

This can be the first step in getting people to check out other areas of your garden or garden rooms. Another trick is to give a little bit of exposure to a vista that will make visitors want to take a look.

Do not just think about how you want people to move through your garden but how you want to wander through it. Doing this may give you some great ideas such as a flower-covered arch or an arbor with a gate. 

Please do not forget about your children and pets, they also need to have an area they can enjoy. The back area of a smaller yard can be a good spot for the jungle gym or swing set where you can place soft material such as rubber pavers underneath so no-one gets hurt when they fall.

You want this area to be seen by you but also not to interrupt the views to the remainder of the garden. Your precious children need to feel that the garden landscape also belongs to them and you want them to feel free to invite friends in to play also.

Now that you have everything figured out, sketch it on paper. Get your trusty tape measure out and make some curved borders using a garden hose; these borders can be around garden beds or marking walkways.

If your children will be playing in the garden area with balls or Frisbees you may want shrubs and trees that will withstand the treatment instead of a flower garden.

If you plan on entertaining guests often you may want to include a deck or patio that will compliment your house and other parts of the garden. Another thing to remember is to pay attention to the elements of your site.

Final Notes

Finally, take into consideration how you move through the garden to maintain it. Your flower beds should have gentle curves so mowing the lawn next to it becomes easier. It is also a good idea to have some hose guides at appropriate corners so as not to ruin the flower bed.


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