Why We Love Using A Slow Cooker

Why We Love Using A Slow Cooker

Besides providing the family with meals full of flavor; There are countless reasons why I love cooking with the slow cooker. It doesn’t matter if my schedule is full or I have a long day at the office, the slow cooker provides relief and flexibility to cook flavorful meals over a longer period.

The Advantages of a Slow Cooker

A crockpot, better known as a slow cooker, gained popularity around the 1970′s. With minimal supervision, it allowed working women the flexibility to prepare amazing meals without the need to slave over a blazing hot stove.

A slow cooker prevents drying of meats and influences a unique taste, because of the natural juice absorption from all the ingredients slowly cooked together. This gizmo also eliminates the time and energy put into your home-cooked meals.

Because of the minimal heat, it requires less supervision and frees most of your time. After you prep your meals, you could essentially set it, and forget it!

The Raging Benefits of the Slow Cooker

Besides giving house guests the first impression you deserve; This life-saver has its benefits beyond what I expected.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Program
  • Easy to Store
  • Easy to Transport
  • Eliminates Food Safety Concern

Most slow cookers are usually detachable, which allows them to be 100% dishwasher safe. With this removable feature, you could also easily clean them in your sink and store them away easily. With their fashionable look, storing this component does not have to be limited to hiding it away in your cabinet.

They are also perfect for storing leftovers, as well as preventing bacteria growth. By programming the cooking temperature on high for the first hour. You should pay close attention to re-heating foods to over 165 degrees Fahrenheit [According to the Department of Public Health.] With the programmable feature, you also gain peace of mind in knowing your food will be cooked appropriately before serving.

Benefits of the Slow Cooker

The clamping lid is one of the many features I love most about the slow cooker! Eliminating build-up, it permits a small amount of steam to seep out, which locks in moisture. This also allows the slow cooker to be conveniently transported from the cooking area to the dinner table!

Time, Quality, and Convenience…

After a long day of work, I’m usually burned out! Having the slow cooker around has gained both my respect and my heart. Meals slowly cooked gives an expensive taste; It has impressed the biggest skeptic time, and time again!

Honestly, I was the biggest skeptic, before testing the slow cooker. It’s a hard argument when your food is totally perfect by the time you arrive home! You can easily clean it, or store it conveniently in your fridge after a hearty meal.

The slow cooker is a must-have, for many reasons. Above all, I love using the slow cooker, as much as I love eating sensational food. Whether if it is my favorite stew, preparing my favorite spaghetti sauces, or simmering home-made soups overnight before getting up for a long day of work. The simplicity of using the slow cooker is convenient and will forever have a place in my home.


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