The Merkur Futur Review

So you’re thinking about buying a Merkur Futur? There are many great benefits to this razor.


First off the weight and balance are fantastic, although it may be too heavy for some, if you like a substantial weight and feel you will love the Futur. The weight allows you to apply less pressure and let the blade do its job. Less pressure equals less irritation.


The spring loaded top makes this razor easy for you to load and unload. This is a feature I have not seen on other razors but it is very convenient. Unlike razors you screw and unscrew this feature reduces the chances of cutting your fingers trying to load your razors. It also eliminates the chance of not fully tightening your razor which can be very uncomfortable for your face. This a highly functional feature of the Futur while probably being its most underrated.


Now what you have been waiting for: The Adjustable Guard on the best safety razor allows you to customize your shaving experience. The ability to gradually adjust from a 1 (safest) to a 6.5 (closest) is the biggest selling feature of this razor. There are some who do not see a need for an adjustable razor…. But they probably haven’t used one.


Most standard blades would be equivalent to a 1-2.5 setting on the Futur, but the ability to get more blade exposure allows for a closer shave, better angles, and allows you to take down a longer beard growth without trimming. The 6.5 setting is very aggressive and may be too much for daily shaving and I definitely do not recommend starting here.


Start at 1 and gradually work your way up. Some of you will go all the way to 6.5 and stay there, others will stop somewhere in-between 1-6 and never feel the need to get all the way 6.5, and some will go to 6.5 and then work their way back down to where they feel most comfortable.


One of the greatest benefits of this feature is that once you find your comfort zone you can always customize your shave experience. For a daily shaver 6.5 may be too aggressive so you stay around 3, but if you want that extra close shave for a special event (or a hot date) you can dial it up. I can go on, the point is with the Futur the shave you want is the shave you will get on any given day.

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