Planter Boxes for Indoor or Outdoor

Planter Boxes for Indoor or Outdoor Usage

Planter boxes are used not only for outdoor use but also for adding more life to indoor living. Planter boxes are available in many styles, shapes and sizes to fit almost any type of plant life. Because of the numerous varieties you can find the right color and style to complement the furnishings of the interior of your home as well as the exterior.

Whether you purchase for indoors or outdoors your plant containers need to have a good drainage system; if your plants do not drain properly the roots of the plants will become water logged and the plant will die.

Your indoor plant containers can consist of any type of material you desire because they will not be exposed to any of the outdoor elements. When you decide to have an indoor container garden you need to have the proper sunlight and space for the plants or vegetables you wish to grow. Once that has been determined you can purchase your plants and containers.

Remember to purchase your planters with adequate drainage holes to help prevent root rot or diseases. You also want to be sure your containers have drainage trays to collect the excess water so the surfaces your containers are sitting on will be protected.

You can purchase planter boxes at home improvement stores, boutique garden stores or florists. You can also re-use an old container or flower box by giving a new coat of paint or decorating it to match your furnishings.

Outdoor garden boxes, window boxes and flower pots are also in different styles, materials, and sizes, such as wood, terracotta, ceramic, resin or fiberglass, clay, metal, and concrete.

The wood garden boxes should be constructed from weather-resistant woods such as cedar, cypress, redwood, or teak; the hardware on these containers should be made of galvanized material.

Make sure the container is best suited for the type of plant you are planning on growing; the location, growing conditions and container size will determine your final results. The newer materials used today for outdoor garden boxes make them more resistant to extreme weather and lighter in weight.

Just remember one thing, these outdoor containers dry out much quicker and are going to need more watering than an in-ground garden. You will find some containers are equipped with a self-watering feature which will help a little.

Planter Boxes Gardening Advantages

Some advantages to outdoor container gardening include adding style, Color, and fragrance to patios, decks, balconies, and home landscaping…

  • Planted containers can hide eyesores around the exterior;
  • The containers can be moved around;
  • Replanted when desired
  • There is less chance of damage by pests if you decide to move you can take an outdoor container garden with you.
  • You can grow the plants that will not grow with the conditions of your ground soil because you will be using good organic material in the containers.

Garden planter boxes will also give you the opportunity to raise organic vegetables just outside your window or door. The price of organic fruits and vegetables are higher in the markets even though they are better for you.

This is a good enough reason to grow your own even if you do not have a lot of space. Leafy vegetables, root vegetables, and fleshy vegetables will grow well in garden boxes as long as you select the right varieties and give them the attention they require.

Planter Boxes Gardening

The fall season is a very active time for growing fruits and vegetables. You can plant many vegetables in late summer and autumn, including beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, leeks, onions, potatoes, and spinach.

If you picked the right tomato plant it will probably still be producing fruit in the fall. There are other plants that can also be planted in containers during autumn and they are small trees and shrubs such as small evergreen, azaleas, and rhododendrons.

Final Notes

As you can see just about anything can be planted containers inside your home or outside on your balcony or patio. You just need to plant the right fruit, vegetable or plant in the proper size container for maturity and placed where it will receive the right sunlight or shade that is a need for the best results.

In my backyard, we have tomatoes, peppers, and a dwarf peach tree planted in planter boxes and all are doing well.


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