Flowering Plants in Containers

Flowering Plants in Containers – Advantage Move Around Meeting Needs

The nice thing about plants and flowers is the fact that you can grow them in just many types of containers. Growing plants and flowers in containers is a great idea for those who do not have yards. They work wonders on patios, decks, balconies, windowsills and even on apartment building roof tops. Roof top container gardening has become very popular.

Advantage of Container Gardening

Advantage of container gardening is you can move your plants and flowers around to get the full benefit of the sun and to prevent lopsided growing.

If your yard does not have the proper soil, growing your plants in containers gives you the opportunity to plant them in a controlled pH potting mixture. Your plants and flowers will be much easier to reach and when you decide to move you can take them with you.

Flower Container Gardening Tips

Container Choosing

The first thing you want to do is choose a container that is big enough not only for the root ball of your plant but also room for it to grow. It should have an ample amount of drainage holes and the potting soil should contain peat, and perlite or vermiculite.

Pebbles or marbles should be placed in the bottom of the pot before adding the potting mix; this way it will drain well without losing precious soil.

precious soil

Place your Plants

Place your plants and flowers as deep in the container as they were in their original pot. You may want to move the containers to their location before filling it to about an inch from the top with potting soil to allow for watering.

Control Temperature

After watering, mulching the surface of the container will save the moisture and make your plant pleasant to view. You may need to water on a daily basis if the temperature is very dry.

Low-Pressure Stream of Water

You always want to use a low pressure stream of water directly at the soil; if you water from above the water will usually be deflected away. So even if you do receive rain always check to see that the container received enough water. If you water too often all the nutrients will get washed away so fertilizing once a month will help.

As the seasons change and the position of sun changes, you can move the plant and flower containers to a shady or sunny spot in order to fit the needs of the plant.

plant and flower containers

Just remember that when you are growing plants and flowers in containers that they are much more dependent on you to provide them the necessities they need for life.

Their roots are restricted, they have a limited amount of soil, and they are exposed to the elements far more than if they were grown in the ground. It is important for the health of the plant to be on top of their watering and feeding needs.

The container plants will dry out much quicker and will need watering more often. If you are not sure if your plant needs watering just stick your finger into the soil and if it is dry, water thoroughly. During the dry season and dry winds you will probably need to water your container plants and flowers even more; but remember to fertilize at least once month due to the fact the water probably washed away most of the nutrients. Staying on top of this will keep your plants healthy for a long time.

Types of Containers

There are many different kinds of containers you can use for your plants and flowers you just have to do a little experimenting. An old porcelain bowl, an old watering can or a little old wooden wheel barrow can be just as nice as or better than some of the modern pots that you can purchase.

You can purchase the ready-made terra cotta pots but because they tend to absorb water it would be a good idea to paint the interior with a special sealer that can be purchased.

You can also purchase cheap containers for container gardening such as plastic pots; the outside can be decorated or painted with water-based paint along with the terracotta pots.

container gardening

Do not forget to buy the drip trays to match your containers; you do not want cement floors stained or wood floors rotting.


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