Pneumatic Sanders

Pneumatic Sanders Reviews – Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

A pneumatic sander is a sanding tool that is powered by compressed air, fed through a hose from your ordinary shop compressor. Pneumatic sanders may be one of several different types of sander, including palm sanders, disc sanders, belt sanders and even random orbital sanders. Using regulated air allows you to control the force being fed to the dander, and these tools often include variable speed adjustments that allow the user to fine tune the pressure as it is delivered.

Random Orbit Pneumatic Sanders

Among the most popular brands of random orbit air sanders are the Chicago orbital sanders. Often used for high detail and buffing, these sanders are engineered for high performance sanding, and include variable speed control as well as a locking mechanism to allow using both hands for guiding the sander.

Pneumatic Belt Sanders

The Astro mini pneumatic belt sander is a perfect tool for drywall finishers. It is a unique variation on the pneumatic palm sander, and is ideal for walls, even sanding right up to the corner joints. Other brands worthy of note are the Chicago and Taylor pneumatic belt sanders, both well-reviewed in consumer and professional reviews.

Pneumatic Disc Sanders

Cooper and Dynabrade make some of the most popular disc-type sander tools. Ideal for machine shops, cabinet makers, and general purpose sanding jobs around the home, disc power tools sanders allow the use of many types of sanding pads, from buffer pads to cutting and grinding discs.

About Pneumatic Sanders

While the names of pneumatic sander manufacturers may not be well-known to people accustomed to electrical power tools, Cooper, Chicago, and Dynabrade are well-respected leaders in the pneumatic market, providing a host of air tools, including sanders, impact wrenches and other machining tools to homes and industries all over the world. Built for industrial applications and affordable enough to complement any home workshop, pneumatic tools are gaining in popularity as a low-cost alternative to electrical power tools.

Pneumatic Versus Electric Sanders

Many people report that after using a pneumatic sander it is difficult to go back to traditional electric sanders. They cite a greater control over the tool, due to its light weight and fully adjustable pressure feed. Many pneumatic sanders are also equipped with a vacuum return, removing the dist as it is created, keeping the work surface clean as you sand it.

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