Presto 06003 Review

Presto 06003 Electric Multi-Cooker/Steamer Review

The Presto 06003 is branded as a multi cooker because it can be used for steaming, roasting and for making stews. Unlike other slow cookers and multi cookers that have the control unit inbuilt into the cooking pot, this multi cooker features a Master control unit that can be easily removed so that the entire pot and its accessories can be cleaned easily by submersing it in soap water.

The body of the pot is made from heavy cast aluminium to heat evenly and quickly plus the inside surface is coated with a non-stick coating. It comes with a steaming basket that helps in lifting and draining vegetables once they are ready. The Presto 06003 weighs in at just 5.9 pounds.

Presto 06003 Features

The first time we read up on Presto 06003, it felt as a multi-cooker that can only steam, stew or roast vegetables and meat. However, after having purchased it and used it for a couple of months, we have to add one more capability into the mix – it can fry very well.

Presto 06003

This is not mentioned anywhere by Presto when they advertise the 06003 multi-cooker and it could be because of legal complications. However, the design and adjustable thermostat make it so much more adept as a fryer rather than a steamer or stew cooker. We have actually spent most of our time frying stuff in it rather than steaming veggies thanks to its overtly simplified design with a steaming/frying basket.

The thermostat works well and is actually very accurate. One more unique feature about the Presto 06003 is that the temperature controls can go as far as 400 degree F. We suspect that this is the cause for Presto to not brand it as a deep fryer since many frying base or oils tend to smoke much below 400 degree F.

Anyone who does not know what they are doing with this multi-cooker when it comes to deep frying can end up seriously damaging the device and also burning themselves in the process. As a caution, never set the temperature above 375 degree Fahrenheit in case you plan on deep frying. To steam vegetables or make stews, it can accept just about any temperature setting.

We found making soup from meat was very easy with this high powered multi cooker as one hour on the highest temperature setting peels off meat and fat from the bones dissolving it into the soup.

Cleaning the Presto 06003 was very simple thanks to the thermostat and Master heating unit that comes off from the base like a plug. All it needs after that is to drench the pot and its basket in luke warm water with some soap solution for a couple of minutes to remove anything sticking onto its surface.

The non-stick coating, both on the inside and outside, make this process much easier. Overall, the Presto 06003 is well designed, sturdily constructed and highly versatile in frying, steaming, roasting and making stew.

Presto 06003 Features & Parts

  • Designed for all purpose cooking it can roast, stew and steam.
  • The aluminium heavy cast body of the cooking pot features non-stick coating on both sides.
  • Lift and drain basket makes it easy to steam vegetables.
  • The heating element is detachable for easy cleaning of the pot with the Master control on the heating element itself.

Our Final Verdict

Multicookers today usually act as a pressure cooker/slow cooker and a steamer but the Presto 06003 does away with slow cooking and pressure cooking instead concentrating on steaming, roasting, and deep-frying. This multi-cooker is efficient and handy to have around the kitchen and will suit just about anyone. Backed with an honest and reputable manufacturer, we can’t see any reason whatsoever why the Presto 06003 isn’t worth the small price tag.

Many other multicookers are charged much higher, and the Presto does a great job of handling just about anything we throw it. We give the Presto 06003 a perfect 5/5 for its cost-effectiveness and versatility.


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