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Rival Crock Pots Review – Original Slow Cooking the Modern Way

Crock pots have been used for decades for slow cooking. Most people know the benefits of slow cooking. It tenderizes even the toughest meats and as a bonus, it flavors food in such a way that you can never achieve with fast cooking.

This is the reason why people before really take the time and effort to slave over a hot stove for half a day just to get that effect. But thankfully, modern families don’t have to do that anymore. With crock pots, you can do slow cooking the modern way.

Benefits of Rival crock pots

You will always hear Rival crock pots mentioned when people are talking about crock pots in general. Rival is known for its tagline, “Comfort Cooking At Its Best” and their crock pots are not an exception. They specialize in modern small appliances and it reflects on their crock pots. They look like rice cookers and they can be operated just as easily. That’s the beauty of slow cooking.

Red light turned

You could be cooking roasts, stews or soups and the operation is just the same. If you buy one, you’re going to get a cookbook. Just follow the recipe and it’s just a matter of setting the temperature. You can either choose low or high heat. Once you see the red light turned on, it’s now in the process of slow cooking.

Just like any simple appliance, you set it and forget about it. This is one of the beauties of Rival crock pots. First, it’s safe to leave it turned on. So you can prepare your Mom’s secret chili recipe before you go to bed on a Friday night.

Appetizing aroma

You can wake up the following day with the appetizing aroma. Once cooked, you can set the heat settings to warm to keep the food warm until lunch time that is if you can wait until lunch time. For the meantime, you should be contented with looking at the food through the see-through lid.


Another great thing about it is it can feed a big family. For example, the Rival crock pot 3060-W has a capacity of 6 quarts. That’s good enough for 5 or 6 people.


Using it, you can also serve dinner in style. This is helpful if you’re having guests over or if you’re tasked to bring beef stew to a potluck. The pot is removable and it’s very attractive as well.

Final Notes

Rival Crock Pots is easy to use and easy to clean. Both the pot and the lid is dishwasher safe. So you don’t have to worry about spending hours scrubbing it after a hearty meal. You can relax because that’s what Rival crock pots are all about – comfort.


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