Are Slow Cookers Safe To Use

Are Slow Cookers Safe To Use?

As one of the most widely used appliances, slow cookers have proven to be one of the safest appliances available on the market. Without a doubt, they are now trusted by millions of consumers around the world. To date, there has not been one recorded incident involving a slow cooker.

No single slow cooker has been responsible for a fire around the home, and this is largely because of how slow cookers are built, and the cooking method in which they use.

Unlike ovens, there is no flame involved, and thus, there is never an opportunity for something to catch fire. Because the heat within a slow cooker is caused by evaporation, the air alone is not hot enough to cause a fire. So, yes, slow cookers are safe to use.

The main advantage of a slow cooker is the fact that you can leave it turned on while you go out of the home. You can work your full-time job and come home to a deliciously cooked meal that’s full of flavor and deliciousness.

The majority of slow cookers above low prices included with timers and auto keep-warm features that allow you to control exactly how long the cooking process should take.

For example, if you’re cooking up delicious chicken soup, then simply cook it for 5-hours on medium heat and then enable the auto keep-warm feature. The keep-warm feature will keep the food relatively warm until you arrive back home, so you won’t have to worry about reheating the food. If you don’t want the food to remain warm and you want it to cool down naturally, then simply disable the feature.

Additionally, slow cookers are extremely easy to clean. You can simply line the inner pot with vegetable oil which prevents any sort of stains from occurring.

Each slow cooker will come with a manual that gives recommendations on the cleaning process of the individual model, so it’s always best to consult the official manual and guide before attempting to clean the appliance yourself.

Some meals, however, may require manual intervention, although these will be clearly displayed in the recipe that you are using. For example, when cooking meats, it may be advised to turn the meat upside down half-way through the cooking process.

single slow cooker

The process of flipping the meat upside down ensures that the food is thoroughly cooked (thus preventing any chance of getting food poisoning).

There are plenty of different models available for you to choose from too. Some of the higher-priced models will often have better safety features, so these are recommended for users who don’t want to take any sort of risk.

For those of you who would trust a slow cooker with your life, then it’s perfectly OK to invest in a more affordable model. To date, we have found that the Cuisinart MSC-600 provides outstanding safety, at an extremely affordable price. Still though, it’s entirely up to you which model you decide to purchase (if any).

Final Notes

Our final conclusion is pretty straight forward. Slow cookers are safe to use in and around the home, and can be used when you’re not around.


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