Solar Lights for Garden

Solar Lights for Garden – A Beautiful Setting

Solar lights are the friendliest environmental concept for garden lighting. We have come a long way with the advancement of solar technology. Solar lights make a beautiful setting in any garden; the lights burn as brightly as regular landscape lighting without the use of wire power. This can save you money and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.

These lights are ideal for the larger garden where it is almost impossible for the cable power supply. A beautiful setting for any outdoor patio room, flower garden, deck or just about anywhere in your garden.

Solar Lights Install For Garden

Solar garden lights are very easy to install, you don’t need an electrician or a landscape designer, with a specialty in lighting, to help you out. You also don’t have to bury any wires and you won’t have a transformer using any of your valuable power outlets that are outdoors.

You will find that garden solar lights come in a variety of styles and will produce several different lighting effects. What seems to be happening in new construction is the installation of cord-free and hassle-free solar path lights, spotlights, and sometimes floodlights.

Avoid in Solar Lighting

What you want to avoid in solar lighting are the units that have smaller solar panels. They may be cutting costs but the panels can only reach a full charge if they are incomplete full sunlight. This will cause it’s rechargeable batteries to burn out quicker.

You don’t need to break the bank with the purchase of your garden lights, just look for the products with a good customer review and try to shop with a trusted retailer in case you need to return the lights.

2 Types of Solar Lighting

Stake Solar Lighting

Stake solar lighting is a stand-alone unit that is mounted on a stake that can be pushed into the ground. The batteries are located in the stakes and the solar panel located on the top for maximum exposure to the sun.

They often come with a manual ‘on’, ‘off’ switch in the chance that you don’t want all your solar lights on at one time. They are usually placed in garden beds, around patios and pathways. These stake garden lights are available in brass, copper, nickel, plastic, stainless steel, or wood.

Hanging Solar Lights

Most often used for decorative features are the hanging solar lights which come in a variety of different styles. These lights are wonderful for parties, late-night entertaining and creating soft light ambiance in any part of your garden.

Solar Garden Lights Bring Ambience to a Yard

Solar lights are a wonderful way of lighting up your backyard garden. Solar yard lights need to have a path to the sun during daylight hours so it will be able to store enough energy to be able to work during the night. When you install your solar lights make sure they will be getting enough sunlight.

Before actually installing the lights just lay the lights where you want them, be sure they are placed an equal distance apart and the positions do receive the proper amount of sunlight.

The majority of solar lights require at least 8 hours of direct sun, but some may require more, to provide you with maximum lighting during the night.

Reasons for Using Solar Garden Lights

  • There are several excellent reasons for using solar powered garden lights
  • They are environmentally friendly because they are run using energy from the sun and not on electricity.
  • They are easy to install since you do not have any wiring to bury plus they can be moved around the garden.
  • They are much more inexpensive than other types of lighting.
  • They do not require much upkeep except for replacing the rechargeable battery occasionally
  • The LEDs or light-emitting diodes bulbs very rarely burn out so do not need replacing.
  • They add beauty to the garden during the evening by spotlighting areas of the yard that you could not see in the dark.
  • They give you the opportunity to enjoy the garden during the cooler evening hours.

Solar patio lights are a good way of changing the landscape, garden, or yard into an area that you, your family, and friends enjoy inexpensively. These lights are not only inexpensive but are energy efficient, easy to install and give you ways of lighting up some of your unique outdoor decorations or a prize winning flower garden.

Sizes and Shapes of Solar Lights

Solar lights come in various sizes and shapes; some also have the capability of changing colors. When solar lighting first came out they were mounted on stakes.

You could install into the ground for path lighting, now you can also purchase the lights on poles that resemble lanterns that will light up more of the pathway or lead people through a grassy area of the backyard to an outdoor living room.

Solar Light vs Regular Light for Garden

Solar spotlights are a bit brighter than the regular lighting used for pathways or accent lighting. These lights are generally used when you want to highlight a specific area of the landscape or garden. Some spotlights come with a separate solar panel that is attached to the light by way of a wire.

This gives you the opportunity to highlight a favorite tree that is sitting in the shade by placing the solar panel in direct sunlight. Other spotlights are designed as security lights that will only light up when movement is sensed.

Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights strategically placed in your front garden and backyard garden can make your home just as beautiful at night as it does during the daylight hours. Those outdoor solar garden lights also help to prevent guests from stumbling when leaving your house and they will also highlight your walkways. It is always better to feel a little more secure to know that it is safe to visit your home.

You want to use the sun to help light up the night in all your outdoor spaces. Solar lights will not need any wiring and are very easy to install. A small solar panel charges one or several batteries during the daylight hours and then they power an energy-efficient bulb after the sun goes down. The solar lights that are the brightest are using LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes instead of the old filament bulbs.

The volume of energy that is produced by the solar cell will determine how much will be accessible for the light. The more proficient cells that have the better circuitry will end up providing more solar power to the batteries which in turn get passed on to the bulb.

The batteries in these lights will also last much longer; there are some solar lights that are able to remain lit for several nights after only one sunny day. The transparency on the solar cell cover is important, as the panel receives more light it can produce more energy to the bulb.

Final Notes

Solar garden lights also come as spotlights that cast a single beam of light on any particular feature of your garden you want to display such as some bushes, an unusual tree, a fountain, a statue or a rare rock formation. They are very much like a floodlight but will not brighten as large an area.


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