Specter of Manhood

Specter of Manhood? Be More Bond!

Men are setting their watches and women’s pulses are already racing in anticipation of the new James Bond film, Specter. For decades James Bond has occupied an important place in the collective psyche as hero, gentleman and lady killer a devastatingly attractive combination. We may all swoon over Bond, but for men, young and old, all over the world, he can pose a bit of a problem. How can a man be more like this fictional icon, who can fell baddies with a loaded fountain pen just as he scoops up the girl with one hand? Not easy.

However, over the years, a few short-cuts have emerged. Going out with athletic model types is one way to assume some of Bonds glory; another is to keep yourself in the latest Aston Martins. Both are expensive, but effective ways to gain a little 007 stardust. However, the number one way to emulate James Bond with relatively little effort and expense, in the most genuine and appealing way is to get a really well-cut dinner suit.

The Dinner Suit Timeless Bond Appeal

There are few outfits that say ‘real man’ more decisively than the classic dinner suit. Black, beautifully tailored, perfectly fitting and worn with an immaculate white shirt and real black bow tie… a dinner suit effortlessly raises a man’s status and a woman’s pulse.

The dinner suit, dinner jacket or DJ, or if you’re American, tuxedo, is in itself an iconic outfit. Think of your favorite James Bond, at the card table in a casino or working a cocktail party with a glamorous girl on his arm and he is certain to be wearing a dinner suit. It is impossible to think of this most English of heroes without at some point thinking of the dinner suit. Young boys grow up knowing that this outfit alone will confer on them the image of success, intelligence, wealth, discernment, popularity with women… whilst the ladies simply grow up knowing that it makes a man look gorgeous.

Why is a good dinner suit just so flattering? Firstly, it has to be because black is the classic color of style and shows off every kind of physique in its best light. Next, the best DJ is tailored and cut to perfection, once more exhibiting timeless style and enhancing the shoulders and chest to look broad and manly. The trousers are the ideal width. The whole ensemble requires polished black shoes, the crisp white shirt and of course the bow tie, an irresistible addition which most women cannot wait to see undone. It is a powerful combination.

Coming of Age

Whereas these days there are any number of outfits for’ man boys’ or’ kidult’ – such three-quarter length shorts, printed or slogan T-shirts, designer trainers, hoodies and the like, the dinner suit remains an outfit that you have to be man enough to wear. If you don’t yet shave, can’t pay your way or have not discovered the world of romance, then you have no business wearing
a dinner suit. Sure, there are versions for boys, but they only work because they emulate the manliness of the adult version.

Unlike other types of suit, which most teenage boys acquire for first interviews and formal occasions like weddings, buying a dinner suit is a real rite of passage that says ‘ you are now a real man’. Wearing one also seems to work like a dating charm, suddenly indicating to real young ladies that you are ready to be taken seriously. A dinner suit wearer knows how to open doors, can hold his knife and fork properly, understands the potent appeal of a bouquet of flowers. It is a suit that promises much and has been proven, over the years, to deliver.

First the Suit, Next the Lifestyle

First girlfriend, first car, first job, first dinner suit – no man forgets these milestones on the road to making him who he is. The last can be a hugely exciting and rewarding experience, from getting the first measurements done, to receiving the packaged suit, with all its associations of future dinner parties, grand balls and special dates. A man walks taller in his dinner suit, with good reason – it is genuinely the sartorial mark of a real man.

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